“I have nothing kind to say about Naomi,” says Porizkova

By May 7, 2013Music News

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Fake Hermes Bags Robert Griffin III barely let the ball hit the ground Sunday. He was 14 for 15, throwing for 200 yards with four touchdown passes and zero interceptions. He also ran for 84 yards. It just feels like the sun went down a little bit. It got a little cloudy outside.”The longtime wife of Cars frontman Ric Ocasek had harsh words for some of her fellow supermodels, especially Naomi Campbell.”I have nothing kind to say about Naomi,” says Porizkova. “When she was starting out, she was the most obsequious a kisser there was, and two years later, she was like, ‘I don’t know your name.'”She doesn’t have unkind things to say about reigning runway queen Gisele Bundchen, but warns that now that she’s made being a mom a priority, she is “already a goner” in the fashion world.. Fake Hermes Bags

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